Aug 132012

Welcome to the CFA website! We are a community of flute players providing educational and performance opportunities for all flutists in Colorado. Our membership includes members as young as six and as old as 75. We are public and private school students, teachers, college music majors, adults returning to the flute, flute choir members, band directors, flutists active in their church, professional performers and college teachers.

Our events provide opportunities for all the membership, and the annual Flute Fair has something for everyone. Our exhibit area at the Flute Fair will provide you with the opportunity to try many different brands of flutes, browse through flute music, see what the latest accessories are, and meet our commercial sponsors.

Join us for master classes and performances by national and international artists, formal and informal performance opportunities for CFA members, and workshops on member-inspired topics. Join us as we connect with topics being discussed by the international flute community.

We are a resource center for flutists all over the state and provide a list of teachers, of flute choirs and contact information for repair technicians.

We are planning on adding educational videos to our website soon, a “virtual retreat” that we hope will inspire you and you students. Announcements will be made when such videos have been added.

Our scholarship fund continues to grow and we are still exploring new and exciting events to involve the membership. Come to an event, meet new people and enjoy yourself!

-Chris Potter, CFA President

 August 13, 2012